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School of Nursing
National Yang-Ming University
Long-term Care and Gerontological Nursing




Research Area


Director of Institute of Clinical and Community Health & Professor

Li-Chan Lin

Long-term care, gerontological nursing, measurement, dementia care.

Director of Department of Nursing & Professor

I-Ju Chen 

Community health nursing, health issues of older adults, environmental gerontology

Associate Professor 

Shuh-Jen Sheu

Psychiatric mental health nursing, geriatric nursing, family care-giving, qualitative study (phenomenology & grounded theory) 

Associate Professor 

Tze-Fang Wang

Community nursing, geriatric nursing, health promotion

Assistant Professor 

Kai-Wei Wang 

Pediatric nursing (acute and chronic care), family-focused care with children and adolescents, qualitative & quantitative research


Shu-He Huang 

Medical – surgical nursing; health assessment; maternity & child bearing nursing 


Man-Hua Yang 

Fundamental nursing;adult nursing; long-term care; elderly care