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School of Nursing
National Yang-Ming University
Disease-oriented Interventional Nursing




Research Area


Vice Dean &


Jen-Chen Tsai

Cardiovascular nursing, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise training of patients with chronic disease, adult nursing 


Fu-In Tang

Adult nursing, physiology, medication errors


Pei-Fan Mu

Children with special needs, phenomenology, caring and healing science, neuro-oncology nursing care, qualitative research, evidence based practice


Fu-Jin Shih

Health related quality of life, health needs, spiritual care & nursing ethics, genomic nursing, organ transplantation care, critical & emergency care


Ai-Fu Chiou

Cardiovascular nursing, geriatric nursing; quality of life, sleep disturbance, health promotion 

Associate Professor 

Yiing Mei Liou

Physical activity and physical fitness, community health nursing and school nursing, obesity prevention and management and case management in chronic disease 

Assistant Professor 

Chiu -Yueh Yang

Psychiatric-mental health nursing 

Assistant Professor 

Yu-Chi Chen 

Chronic disease continued care and prevention, self-management, chronic kidney disease care & health promotion, case management

Assistant Professor 

Ya-Jung Wang

Breast cancer, fatigue, sleep disturbances, exercise, self efficacy, quality of life

Assistant Professor 

Yen-Ping Lei

Nutrition in health and disease, nutrition and exercise with cancer, functional foods and dietary supplements, nutrigenomics