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School of Nursing
National Yang-Ming University
Taiwan Joanna Briggs Institute (TJBCC)

Introduction of the Center

Director: Professor Mu, Pei-Fen



    Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) was established in 1996 at Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia. Taiwan Joanna Briggs Institute Collaborating Center (TJBCC) was established on 2005 at National Yang-Ming University. Starting from 2006, Professor Mu, Pei-Fen led to establish an interdisciplinary platform for evidence-based nursing, current core members including faculties of the School of Nursing and Department of Medicine of National Yang-Ming University, Nursing Department of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Education Center of Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

    TJBCC actively engaged in the movement and international tie-up for evidence-based nursing, continuously received funds from the Department of Health for four years since 2008, establishing allied evidence-based nursing centers in four schools and hospitals, including northern (Yang-Ming University-Taipei Veterans General Hospital), central (Taichung City Government Health Bureau-Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology), southern (National Cheng Kung University- National Cheng Kung University Hospital), and eastern (Tzu Chi College of Technology- Tzu Chi General Hospital) areas. They collectively move development of evidence-based nursing in the country to promote the conception of evidence-based health care in health related fields, cultivate national seeds and teachers for evidence-based nursing, and develop clinical guidelines and evidence-based educational materials.

     TJBCC aims to actively implement the research achievements of professionally multiple fields in evidence-based health care to care activities, promoting the quality of health care in hospitals and communities through scientific and efficient results from evidence-based research. Four specific objectives of TJBCC are international tie-up in short time, promote the instruction and productivity for research, strengthen partnership with clinical practice, ad gain a leading position in evidence-based relevant health care in Asian area.