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School of Nursing
National Yang-Ming University

 Undergraduate (4 years)

 Program Characteristics and focus:

  1. The program stands nursing as  pragmatic characterized with the person-based identity and interactive relationship.
  2. The design of the program is centered on high esteem, care and love to people.  The program believes the delivery of the health care should extend to family and community including the care to each individual’s cultural belief, body and emotion.
  3. The program is designed as problem-based learning and evidence-based practice group discussion in order to nurturing critical thinking ability and to fostering integrated caring ability, as well as equipping students with life-long learning ability.
  4. The program prepares students both with problem-solving skills and critical thinking traits as well as life-long learning mindset, aiming to provide citizens with integrated and continuous caring service where by incorporating family and community needs are all considered.