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School of Nursing
National Yang-Ming University

Staff  - Mr. Huang, Chiang (John)

1.School Affairs.
2.Personnel Affairs.
3.Accouting Affairs.
4.Website Maintenance

5.International Affairs  Ext.5132



Staff  - Miss. Chiu, Mei-Lin 

1.Student, Curriculum & Internships Affairs of Undergraduate & Doctoral Program.
2.DepartmentAffairs of Department of Nursing.  Ext.5184


Staff  - Miss. Kuo, Kuan-Ling (Ann)

1. Students Affairs of Undergraduate & Doctoral Program.
2. Multifunctional Nursing Skills Laboratory Management.
3. Student Online E
-learning System Maintain ace.  Ext.5380



Staff  - Mr. Chang, Hung-Bin (Ben)

1.General Affairs.
2.Property Purchase, Management & Maintenance.
3.Space Management.

4.Institute of Community Health Nursing Affairs.  Ext.5037



Staff - Mr. Chen, Han (Ric)

1. Institute of Clinical Nursing Affairs.

2. Student, Curriculum & Internships Affairs of Resisted Nurse Master Program.  Ext.5192



Staff - Miss. Wu, Chih-Wen(Sharon) 

 Institute of Community Health Affairs.  Ext.5382


Assistant - Mr. Li, Jian-Lee (Jian)

1.Document receiving and delivery
2.Administrative affairs assistance  Ext.5009


University Number - +886-2-2826-7000

Fax Number -  +886-2-2820-2487